Mahthin maa college

Affiliated from VKSU, ARA
College Code- 220

Suspension of regular class due to covid 19

about College


ahthin Maa College, Bihiya named after the well known temple of Sati Siromani Mahathin Maa, is a affiliated college from Veek Kunwar Singh University , Ara.

It was founded by Sri Shatrughan Sharma to make true the dream of his father Sri Baij Nath Sharma in 2001.

He was a social worker and he used provide free education to the students in his area who couldn’t go to college due to unavailability of the college in the area.

It was his dream to make a place having healthy and discipline environment where he could spread a light of education







Teaching Experience




Shri Shatrughan Sharma


Purpose of the organisation is to provide a disciplined environment in which faculty staff and student discover, examine critically, preserve and transmit the knowledge, wisdom and values that will ensure the survival of future generation and improve the quality of life for all.

Smt. Saroj Sharma


Our main focus is to provide a healthy & disciplined campus to student, where we could enhance moral & good habits of student through providing wealth of knowledge and make them self confident & self dependent for their bright future.

Mr. Ajit Sharma

Asst. Director

In today’s colleges everywhere education is limited to books, they teach books and student learn the same, they pass in exam but in real life if little problem arise they fails,2 Our purpose is to make our student good in books along with discipline, aware about environment, society & country, confident to deal with all good & bad, understand everyone responsibility about society.


   Degree Courses : Duration 3 Years

Sl No.SubjectSeat
4.Politcal Sci.80
12.Public Admin.10
##Total Seats792

  Guidelines for Admissions

  1. 1. For Taking honors Subject, Student must pass with minimum 45% in that subject .
  2. 2. Students from science and Commerce background must pass with minimum 2nd Div. for taking admission in B.A.
  3. 3. During filling Admission form, student must duly verify his application and submit all necessary documents with admission form. If any form reject by University due to error in admission form and lack of document then student will be self responsible.



Our laboratory is fully equipped with modern instrument. All academic experiments are available.


An large collection of academic books along with competitive magazine and books are available.

Smart Classes

We have smart classes facility for better explanation through Projectors and visualization.

Biometric Attendance

We have adopted Biometic attendance System to make the campus free from proxy and real time attendance .

Outdoor / Indoor sports

College take care about fitness of our students. We organise several Indoor / Outdoor games in academic calendar.

Online Classes

We have online classes facility. Student can clear doubt at online forums . We also provide PDF/ Videos of Classes.

Rules and Regulation


  1. 1. Minimum 78% Attendance Required .

Discipline , Conduct and Behaviors

  1. 1. All students should reach the classroom on time.
  2. 2. All students should wear proper uniform with shoes.
  3. 3. The behavior of the students, both within and outside the college premises should be decent.
  4. 4. Keep College Campus neat & Clean.
  5. 5. Students shall communicate only in Hindi language in College Campus.
  6. 6. Information regarding Classes, admission, registration will be communicate through notices/ circulars and SMS/Whatsapp. For information related to university you must have to get it through university website and News paper.
  7. 7. Students are expected to contribute towards the academic/ social/environmental initiatives that the Institute may undertake.
  8. 8. For outstation programs including study tour, the students are required to submit a permission letter from their parents.
  9. 9. Any unhealthy relationship between students that might affect their academic performance, breach their personal space or affect the reputation of the institution will be strictly dealt with.
  10. 10. The College campus is Zero Nicotine zone.

College Uniforms

It is compulsory that all students come to college only in the stipulated college uniform and college ID Card on all days.

Boys : Full / Half Sleeve Shirt -Full Pants with shirt tucked in, Belt and shoes.
Girls : Salwar-Suit with Dupatta


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This is a Awesome place for education. All Professors are very knowledgeable and friendly .


M.M. College has always belived in guiding their students at every stage.


his is a place who understand the need of students. This college always motivated me and given financial support also for complete my study.


All Professors of college is very good they always guide their students for preparation of competitive exam also.


This College always supports to poor students and motivate them for completing study. I completed my graduation only due to this college .


This college believes in overall improvement of students.


Special thanks to director sir and principal Mam for your guidance and support only due to your guidance I achieved my goal.

Shival - 20 days ago
Graduated Student

It's a amazing college .

Harry - 3 mins ago
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John - 3 mins ago
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Henry - 3 mins ago
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Raja Bazar , New Market Bihiya , Bhojpur - 802152.

Phone : +919234690350

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